This is something I’ve been doing for years. Many sites offer you the opportunity to save a set of questions and answers in the event that you lose access to your web site account, online email account or whatever.

There’s been a bit of press lately about folks accounts being hacked because Hackers managed to guess the answers to their security questions, resulting in them being locked out of their own accounts and personal information. Here’s a tip to avoid that happening to you that has worked for me for years.

The best way I’ve found to stop people guessing the answers to your secret questions / answer, it to make the answers totally irrelevant to the question being asked.

Here’s an example..

Security Question: What is your mother’s maiden name?
Answer: Golden Retriever

Security Question: What school did you first attend?
Answer: Lobster

And so on.. You get the idea?

Decide on a set of answers that you will always use and “know” that you will never forget them. Like your favourite breed of dog, your favourite food – whatever – it doesn’t really matter so long as you know you’ll never forget them.

You can feel safe always providing the same answers to the same questions because I can almost guarantee that the hackers will never guess them! I mean, how could they? 🙂

Hope this helps..


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