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Do Cloud Backups offer you complete protection? Maybe..

Do Cloud Backups offer you complete protection? Maybe.. With the advent and increased popularity of cloud backup services these days, many folks are falling into a false sense of security when it comes to backing up their home computers or office workstations. Depending on the type of backup (if any) you perform on your computer to the cloud, you may

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How to Deal with Internet Browser Problems

Dealing with Internet Browser Issues “I often get emails from clients saying their browsers stop responding and asking how they should go about fixing the problem” The trouble in providing an answer though, is that it’s never as simple as “just do steps 1, 2 and 3” and the problem should go away. Why? Because there are literally dozens of

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Windows 10 – Is it worth upgrading? What about Privacy?

Windows 10 – Is it worth upgrading? Check out its Privacy Settings before you do.. Many people have asked me my opinion on Windows 10 so I’ve set it up in an Oracle Virtual Machine, activated it and explored it to some extent. My first impression is that it is leaps and bounds over Windows 8 / 8.1 .. Microsoft

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List of Run Commands in Windows 7

People often ask me how I remember all the commands in Windows 7 that can start programs in by just clicking the Start ORB in Windows 7, clicking Run and then entering a short command, which is more often than not, starting the program by Navigating the Start > Programs Menu and clicking the programs Icons. Well, the truth is

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Windows 8 – Limited support.. Business Users take note.. [Updated]

Updated Monday, February 25th 2013.. I wrote about this topic a few months ago, but as I just saved another client from a potentially expensive time wasting experience because they called to ask if upgrading to Windows 8 would cause them any problems, I think it’s worth repeating. To date, I’ve have formatted Windows 8 out for 2 people who decided to  downgrade ..

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Some Hints, Tips and Cautions from Andrew..

Hints & Tips.. Still confused and frustrated with the Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010 Ribbon Interface? To this day, I still get questions on a weekly basis from people who hate the Microsoft Office 2007 & 2010 “Ribbon” interface with a passion! Like many folks, I too loved the previous Microsoft Office Menu Interface from Version 2003 and below and

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Don’t become a statistic – How NOT to get hacked online..

The Scenario.. Sadly, one of my clients (identity withheld for privacy reasons) recently had a Hotmail email account hacked into. The hacker guessed the account password. By reading emails in the account, the hacker discovered other websites often visited. What made the whole scenario worse was that the person used the same password on just about every website they needed

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Insane Support Advice & Windows 8 pending release..

A perfect example of Support Advice you should avoid. Recently, I had a problem with a software package we use here which is absolutely critical to the operation of our office. So I contacted the Support Department of this “rather large” Australian Software Developer who deals mainly with Accounting Firms and received what I considered to be absolutely insane advice

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Check out our new security page – created due to popular demand!

Due to popular demand from clients and web site visitors emailing us to request a page be created which lists all our recommended security related products in one spot, we’ve gone ahead and done just that! Check out our new “Recommended Security and Backup Solutions” page by clicking this link.. Alternatively, go to our home page and just click on

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Compliment your Antivirus Protection with MalwareBytes PRO..

Compliment your Computer’s Antivirus Protection with MalwareBytes PRO Just a quick note to let you all know about our latest tests on Securing your computers. Here at Andrew’s Computer Help Zone, computer security is always at the top of our priority list. As a result, I’m always looking out for protective software that not only does what it claims, but

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