Worm targets Remote Desktop users – Security Alert

Those of you who enjoy using Remote Desktop to access your home or work computer’s remotely should make yourself aware of a recently discovered new worm (dubbed “Morto” by Microsoft and F-Secure) that specifically targets Windows Remote Desktop users with weak passwords. Microsoft’s Malware Protection Center – Threat Research & Response rates this recent threat as “Severe” and provides a list

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FaceBook Security, IPADs, Wireless networking over power lines..

FaceBook Security – Are you secure? Social networking sites are booming and many companies, individuals and especially kids, are now taking advantage of this great free web based service by utilising free FaceBook accounts to stay in touch. There’s many different one’s around, but in this issue I’d like to talk about what is (arguably) the currently most popular social networking

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FREE Malware Removal & some other tips and tricks..

FREE Virus / Malware Assistance Removal Service For those of you that have taken up my suggestion to give Vipre Antivirus a try (Avast is still a great Antivirus, but in my opinion, Vipre has a bit of an edge over it and we’re progressively switching to it here ourselves) That said, those of you that already have a Vipre Antivirus

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Hate Spam as much as we do? Check here for a cure..

We all hate spam and I’m willing to bet that you hate having to delete it from your e-mail client’s Inbox day after day after day after day! But there’s no need to. Some recent enquiries about the best way to deal with Spam has prompted me to write this short article to let you know what we use here

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Is your computer a little sluggish? Check your desktop…

Here’s a quick tip about just one way you can improve your computer’s performance through working a little smarter when it comes to what you keep on your Microsoft Windows XP or Windows 7 desktops.. If you (like most) have a habit of saving things you frequently use to your desktop rather than to a folder inside My Documents, or

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New Prolific “Osama” Hoax Email Circulating..

There is a new Trojan / Virus infected email circulating which claims to give information about the death of Osama Bin Laden. Should you get a copy of any email claiming information about Osama Bin Laden, do not open it and even more importantly, do not click on any attachments the email may contain.  The email itself may be infected

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Security Breach – Be extra vigilant with links in emails

Security Week Network (among others) have reported a serious security breach in Epsilon’s customer database, resulting in many names and email addresses of major brand vendors and financial institutions possibly being compromised.  Epsilon is one of many marketing firms that large sized companies use to handle their general broadcast email communication needs with customers. Asscording to SecurityWeek’s broadcast, a few Australian

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Phone Scammers doing the rounds again..

What’s it all about? I’ve sent this type of warning to advise all my valued clients in previous newletters, however recent events that have come to my attention prompted me to remind everyone again. Telephone Scammers are doing the rounds again and despite these scams having been going around for over a year now, people are STILL getting caught out,

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Computer Backups – Are you fully protected?

Backups – Are you fully protected? We recommend Acronis Backup Solutions A recent chat with a colleague prompted me to send out this newsletter to prompt you to have a think about the computer backup strategy you have in place. It’s a well known fact that disasters almost always happen when you don’t protect against them. Let your car insurance

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Internet Explorer Security Flaw Warning..

A serious Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Flaw has been discovered.. Microsoft has warned that the 900 million users of its Internet Explorer browser are at risk of having their computers hijacked and their personal information stolen by hackers. Microsoft has yet to develop a permanent fix for the security hole, but all Internet Explorer users are being told to apply

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