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Review of “Stellar Outlook Toolkit – Technician” by Andrew Leniart

A review of an excellent all-in-one solution for any Microsoft Outlook Problems. Read the full review of this product on Experts Exchange


AV Comparatives – Real-World Protection Test February – June 2017 now released!

AV Comparatives is the “Go-To Site” for viewing real world protection comparisons of most major Anti Virus applications. Download your own free PDF copy of the report by clicking here.    


Free Vaccine for New NotPetya Ransomware Virus Available – Apply it Now

If you have not done so already, download and run the following simple batch file to Vaccinate your computer from the NotPetya Ransomware Virus Outbreak Click this Link > < to Download the File Now When you have downloaded the above file, follow these simple steps. Extract the “nopetyavac.bat” file from the file you just downloaded Right click the extracted “nopetyavac.bat” file

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[Tips & Tricks] Email Signatures and Great Skype Feature

Create Professional Looking Email Signatures with ease.. Anyone who’s tried to create a professional looking email signature that includes graphics will know what a pain in the proverbial it can be! Your graphics often won’t line up where you want them to, or your emails won’t print correctly, or your Signature won’t display properly on your recipients email client, or .. (you get the idea) You

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Microsoft Excel – Tips and Tricks

Courtesy of an article written by “Mr Lincoln Spector” of – Windows Secrets Newsletter fame..   Tips & Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel 2016 If you work a lot with spreadsheets, you know how difficult they can be once you get beyond simple tables and equations. And you know that data entry can be boring beyond belief. The more complex the table, the more confusing

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WARNING about “Daossoft” Software Developer – No meaningful Support

Hi Gang, Just a warning about purchasing software from “Daossoft” – website(s) here;       To explain the problem, I purchased a product from Daossoft back in 2013 as I infrequently get clients email me Word, Excel files etc to which they’ve forgotten their passwords to. Needing to use the software once again a few weeks ago, I opened

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Several ways to protect your Business from Malware Attacks

Ransomware continues to be a growing problem for both personal and business users alike and Antivirus companies are still struggling to find a reliable way to protect you from this dangerous threat. Sure, just about every Anti-Virus program available will identify a Ransomware infection once it happens, but by then, the damage has been done so it’s too late. Currently, Antivirus

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Ways to speed up a slow Windows computer..

Several Do it Yourself Ways of Speeding up a Slow Windows Computer   Computers tend to slow down over time. Whether your computer has gradually become slower or it suddenly grinds to a halt, then there could be quite a few reasons for that sort of bad luck. One of the first things you should do is restart your computer

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How to Protect your Backups from Ransomware Infections..

How to Protect your Backups from Ransomware Infections.. This is quite a sad story from a person who was doing the right thing – backing up his system and files daily and yet when he got hit with Ransomware by opening an attachment in an email, all his files AND backups got encrypted and made useless. He lost everything. Here’s

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Benefits of Skype for Business and Personal Users

Benefits of Skype for Business and Home Users alike.. Skype is a P2P (Peer to Peer) instant messaging and VOIP (Voice over IP) service – as well as a whole lot more. Whilst most people are aware of Skype, many tend to shy away from it thinking it’s not secure, hard to use and is fraught with dangers. Whilst that

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