Compliment your Computer’s Antivirus Protection with MalwareBytes PRO

Just a quick note to let you all know about our latest tests on Securing your computers.

Here at Andrew’s Computer Help Zone, computer security is always at the top of our priority list. As a result, I’m always looking out for protective software that not only does what it claims, but that does it without having a noticeable impact on a computer’s performance.

MalwareBytes’ PRO has been used here for several months, but over the last couple of months, I decided it was time to really put this utility’s protective and curing abilities to some aggressive testing.

Using a box specifically built for this kind of beating, I purposely infected my test machine with dozens of Malware and Spyware variations – MalwareBytes was able to successfully remove all of them. The very few that it couldn’t totally remove without further action on my part, it deactivated so that the infection became harmless to my privacy.

Then I set about finding and visiting many “suss” websites that are known to infect computers with Malware in order to test the “PRO” version of the products “protective” abilities. Without my doing something totally stupid like disabling or over-riding its recommendations, MalwareBytes’ Pro always either warned me the website was dangerous and not to go there, or prevented any infection the website tried to put on my test machine – and all with zero effort on my part, even when my Antivirus may have allowed the infection through.  Highly impressive stuff.

Check this product out for yourself (Free 15 day trial of the “PRO” version is available) by clicking HERE.. 

For a one time only fee of $25.95 AUD, no one should be without the sort of protection MalwareBytes PRO offers, so I highly recommend you give it a try.

VIPRE Antivirus gets even better..

Along the same vein, a new version of “VIPRE Antivirus” and “Vipre Antivirus Premium” has recently been released and having used the updated program myself now for a few weeks, I can confirm it works great and remains high on the Virus detection scale, while staying low on the “chewing up your system resources” scale.

More information on the latest version of this great program can be found by clicking HERE..

Remote Support Reminder

Just a quick reminder about the Remote Connect Support service I offer to all my clients. Designed to save you not only time, but $$$ in avoiding On Site Visit costs, click HERE..

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