Backups – Are you fully protected?

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A recent chat with a colleague prompted me to send out this newsletter to prompt you to have a think about the computer backup strategy you have in place.

It’s a well known fact that disasters almost always happen when you don’t protect against them. Let your car insurance lapse & you’re bound to have a bingle that’ll cost you a bundle.

Same thing with computers. Most of you should already have some sort of backup strategy that is protecting your data on a regular basis.

But – is only backing up your “Data” giving you all the protection you really need?

A colleague’s client recently experienced a hard disk crash on their Server which ended up costing thousands of dollars to recovery from because the disk had to be sent to a specialised data recovery centre, disassembled in a clean room and their data recovered sector by sector, byte by byte. Worse, the entire Server setup had to be re-built from scratch, causing over two days of lost productivity time.

What’s sad about this event is that for a relatively small investment, recovering from the disaster would have cost the company a fraction of what they had to spend to recover from the crash.

The difference between “Data” & “Image” backups

“Data Backups” back up the work you do on a daily basis. Emails, Word and Excel documents, QuickBooks and MYOB files etc. How often your data gets backed up depends on the backup strategy you have in place.

An “Image” of an entire computer on the other hand, backs up “everything” – including the Windows operating system, updates, all the programs you have installed, as well as the setup customised for your particular business.

Years ago, creating an image of a computer (be it a server or a workstation) was an expensive and daunting task that required professional IT help and downtime while images were created in DOS, outside of the Windows operating environment.

These days however, Image backups have become much easier to create and manage, can be made while Windows is running and even while the computer is being used.

A solution we use here is a software application created by ACRONIS called True Image – a small investment which has paid for itself many times over.

There are other similar solutions that do just as good a job, some of them a little more expensive, some a little cheaper. We choose this particular software because we’ve tried others and decided (in our experience) that this one suits our requirements best and is one of the easiest to use.

To that end, I’ve devoted a whole page on our website to inexpensive computer imaging software here;

Andrew’s Computer Help Zone Recommended Backup Solutions

One time license costs for this software start at just $49.99 USD per workstation and just a few hundred dollars to fully protect Windows Servers.

Should you wish to discuss or review your current backup strategy and find out if you’re protected as well as you believe you need to be, please contact us to make an appointment.

We can help you determine what the most suitable backup protection scheme would be to meet your specific needs, assist in planning, installing and configuring a strategy that will be inexpensive in the long term and then show you how to maintain it yourself, with minimal effort and without ongoing external IT costs.

To make an appointment for a consultation, just click the following link – Contact Us

I hope the information provided here has proven helpful.

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