Do you get tired constantly being bugged by unsolicited sales calls?


Your time is valuable and you’re working away trying to make a living and keeping your clients happy. Then the (mobile / office / home) phone rings. You hear.. “Hello, am I speaking with (your first and last name)?”

“Yes it is” you answer – “how may I help you?”

And here comes the crunch.. Well this is so and so from some (insert the name of any Telephone / Electricity / Gas company here) and we’d like to save you 30 or 40% on your bills.

Arghhh! I hate that!!

My time (as I’m sure yours is too) is valuable, I’m busy on work days trying to make a living and I want to relax at night without being bugged by sales folks. If I want to save money on any of the services I subscribe to, then I go and find better deals myself – at a time when it suits ME.

Does that sound a little like you? If so, read on for an entertaining way I’ve found of stopping these people.

See, no matter how politely (or rudely) you tell them you’re not interested, they will keep you on the phone for as long as you let them get away with it trying to convince you that you should take up their super-duper offer.

Worse, they’ll keep calling you over and over again – usually a different representative who’s been given your number to try when you might be in a better mood and from a different (usually Skype provided number) so it’s hard to successfully block then on your phone.

This happens to me quite often but I think I finally found a way to get them off my back. Here’s what I think you’ll find an entertaining conversation I had with a female Telephone Company representative the other day.. So far it’s worked, no second call from them yet. 🙂

It’s about 11am on a work day
My Mobile Phone Rings..

Me: “Hello, Andrew speaking, how may I help you?”

Rep: “Hello, is this Andrew Leniart I’m speaking with?”

Me: “It certainly is, how may I help you?”

Rep: “I’m from” (Some Telephone Company I can’t remember) “and I’d like to offer you a 45% saving on your Home and Mobile telephone services!”

Me: “Wow.. that’s great but there’s one problem”

Rep: “What’s that Mr Leniart?”

Me: “Well, see I’m loaded and I like to pay as much as possible for the services I use. Do you have any plans that cost more than $1200 a month for Mobile and $650 a month for home phone services? If so I’d be very interested in switching services to your company?”

Rep: “Wait, we want to save you money. Don’t you like to save money?”

Me: “No, actually I’m the exact opposite, because I’m so loaded and because I love Telephone Companies so much, I prefer plans that are as expensive as possible. Unfortunately the Phone Company I’m with at the moment don’t have any plans more expensive than what I’m currently paying.”

Rep: “That doesn’t make any sense at all?!”

Me: “Sure it does.. So do you have any plans where I can pay more money because I love spending more money than most people do?”


The entire call took about 2 minutes and gave me a huge laugh because it’s usually me that has to end the call by hanging up in their ear.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know these folks need to make a living but when they won’t take no for an answer and insist  on wasting my time by calling over and over again, then all bets are off.

Hope you found this post entertaining. Give it a try some time – it’s actually quite fun and might work for you too 🙂


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