Authors Note: I usually don’t do this, but as I’m a fan of Lenovo Laptops I thought I’d reproduce an article they published which impressed me and add some of my own comments to it at the end.

(Note that I have absolutely no financial affiliation with Lenovo apart from being a happy owner of two of their products and support for some years now)

What the Lenovo Network Had to Say on this Topic

Windows 10 is finally here! By now, you’ve likely heard the buzz about the highly anticipated release of Microsoft’s new operating system (OS). Leading up to today, you may have been getting a swarm of questions about the new OS from your clients. Some might be excited, some might be nervous, and still others might be unenthusiastic about the idea of moving away from Windows 7 and 8.1. Regardless of what questions are on their mind, it’s undeniable that the release of Windows 10 marks what The Verge has called “the biggest sea change in PC software in nearly three years.”

From today onwards, here are four key questions you should be prepared to field from your clients:

1) If I have a previous device, how do I upgrade to Windows 10?

  • If you have a verified copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 installed on your device, then you’re eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10. Simply download the Get Windows 10 app and follow the prompts to reserve your free copy of the new OS. Once Windows 10 downloads onto your device, you can install immediately or schedule an installation time that’s convenient for you.

2) If I’m buying a new device, will it have Windows 10?

  • Lenovo now has select TopSeller Focus models that are preloaded with Windows 10. You can see entire lists for the US here and for Canada here. More models will be added in the future.

3) But, do I have to upgrade to Windows 10?

  • No, you don’t have to upgrade to Windows 10 but the features offered in Windows 10 are pretty compelling. If you’re really hooked on the user-experience of your current OS, it may be hard to make the shift. Just remember, change is never easy but when it comes to technology, updates like Windows 10 offer you new and unparalleled features that are worth the trade-off.
  • However, if you’re currently using an older version of specialized software (i.e. Adobe Creative Suite 4), upgrading may not be the best choice for you. Be sure to call your software provider to check on any potential compatibility issues. Additionally, if you’re currently running a now unsupported version of the Windows OS, like Vista or XP, upgrading to the Windows 10 environment is not advised. The better route would be to go ahead and upgrade your entire device.

4) What are the benefits of updating to Windows 10?

  • Lenovo and Microsoft have collaborated to deliver huge benefits and smarter, more personalized technology to you. The first of these benefits is the integration of Cortanaand REACHit, Lenovo’s innovative app that lets you manage and search through your content across multiple devices and cloud storage platforms using contextual understanding.
  • If you’ve been using Windows 8.1, you’ve likely found yourself shuffling regularly between the Modern interface and the desktop. In Windows 10, these two interfaces have been seamlessly integrated. As Lenovo’s Chief Technology Officer, Peter Hortensius noted in an interview with ZDNet, “The big thing in Windows 10 is that it’s not trying to do two things at the same time. With Windows 8, the problem was ‘do I live in the Modern interface or do I live in the desktop?’…The philosophy of Windows 10 [is] to become again that simpler system that logically flows to what it is you want to do.”
  • Windows 10 also features what’s called the Virtual Desktop. This allows you to organize different desktop interfaces that are suited to different needs. For example, you can have one desktop interface that you use only for work, which has your Microsoft Office icons and Skype for Business on the desktop screen. Then, after work, you may want to swap that out with your leisure based desktop, which may have the XBOX app. This is great for individuals and for those who may share one device.

These questions and answers are, by no means, exhaustive but they’ll be helpful as you start vetting your client’s questions about the new OS. For a full list of Windows 10 features and benefits, visit Lenovo Partner Network and Microsoft’s official Windows 10 site. 

As I stated at the start of this post, I have no affiliation with Lenovo and I hope I don’t get sued for re-producing their article above without permission! 🙂

That said, before you rush out and buy a Lenovo (or any other brand of laptop – there are some really great ones out there) preloaded with Windows 10, please be sure to read my previous article on the Privacy Issues that plague Windows 10. Don’t be caught with your pants down (so to speak)

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