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For those of you that have taken up my suggestion to give Vipre Antivirus a try (Avast is still a great Antivirus, but in my opinion, Vipre has a bit of an edge over it and we’re progressively switching to it here ourselves)

That said, those of you that already have a Vipre Antivirus license, you may not be aware of a GREAT (truly FREE) service that your subscription provides you with, for as long as your license is valid.

Have a read of this..

Free Malware Removal by SunBeltSoftware

Malicious software is tricky and sometimes, these critters get through all your layers of protection. However, did you know that we will remove malware that has gotten into your computer for free? All you need is a valid subscription to VIPRE and our team of malware removal specialists will get the bad guys out. Our team will assist any customer that becomes infected while under VIPRE’s protection. Just go online and fill out the support form and a member of our Malware Removal Team will get back to you right away. You don’t have to pay for this incredible service.

To take advantage of this great offer, Vipre Antivirus subscribers need only click on the following link..

Complete the details on that page and a Vipre Support Representative will get back to you pronto..

Don’t own Vipre Antivirus yet? – To purchase your own copy at incredibly low prices, just click on this link..

Here we go again..

Lately my Inbox has been getting quite a few UPS Delivery notifications, or emails stating that a parcel is being delivered to my home address and to click on the attached document (or link within the email) for additional information about what’s being delivered.

Folks, don’t be fooled – as before, it’s just a SCAM and following the instructions in such emails WILL get you infected with a Virus / Trojan / Spyware or some other form of Malware and will waste a ton of your time. Unless you are expecting a delivery from somewhere, and that email is from the company you are expecting a delivery from, don’t open these emails and more importantly, NEVER click on any of the attachments that might be included or web links within the email. Unless you’re 100% certain that the email is genuine, contact the company by phone or email yourself directly (using a known good email address) or go to their website by typing in their website details manually – not via a link in the email.

Phishing Emails

The same goes for phishing emails. You get an email from your bank that says there is a problem with your account or similar. It warns you that your account might be closed or locked if you don’t act on the information provided in the email immediately – this type of email is FAKE 99.99% of the time. Again, if in doubt, don’t use the links provided in the email (if you do, you’ll go to a page that will likely look “exactly” the same as your real financial institutions web site) – Entering any details into this fake website is just handing over all your personal information to the scammers.

Genuine emails from your financial institutions (or other websites) will rarely (if ever!) provide you with a link that then asks you to provide your login information, password, pin numbers and so on. Don’t fall for these idiots tricks – contact your financial institution or website you’re making a purchase from directly, by either calling them on the phone, or by manually typing their website address into your browser yourself – or via a known good “Favourite” link you may have saved in your browser some other time.

Are you SURE you’re backing up your data?

As I’m a bit of a backup freak, I assume everyone that’s dealt with me at some point has some type of backup strategy in place. Having a backup strategy is essential, but so too is checking that your “manual” or “automated” backups are working correctly to avoid disappointment when (not if – when) something goes terribly wrong.

How long since you’ve done a test restore on “your” backup routine? Backup routines can and do go wrong and a your backup is only good if it’s working correctly. Therefore, everyone should periodically check their backups to ensure that something hasn’t gone belly up along the way at some point.

If you’re not sure how to check your backup routine is performing as expected, contact us (Andrew’s Computer Help Zone) and we’ll be happy to help.

Windows 7 and Mousing Around

A lot of people like using the mouse, other prefer to use the keyboard as much as possible. Me, I like both, but try to use keyboard shortcuts as often as I can.

Many of you have probably made the move to Windows 7 by now, so here’s a short list of some great time saving keyboard shortcuts you can take advantage of;

(Note that some of these will also work with Windows XP)

Switch between open windows
Alt + Tab

Minimize/restore all but the active window
Windows key + Home

 Minimize all windows
Windows key + M

Maximize window
 Windows key + up-arrow

Minimize/restore window
Windows key + down-arrow

Make all windows transparent so you can see the desktop
Windows key + spacebar

Dock window to left or right half of screen
Windows key + left- or right-arrow

Zoom in/out
(In the default view, you must zoom in before zooming out.)
Windows key + plus/minus sign

Lock screen
Windows key + L

Open Run dialog
Windows key + R

Open Search box
Windows key + F

Open Windows Explorer 
Windows key + E

Expand Folders view in Win Explorer to show where you are
Control + Shift + E

Go up a level in Windows Explorer
Alt + up-arrow

Choose display mode/switch monitors
  (Especially useful for presenters or dual-monitor users)
 Windows key + P

Launch apps pinned to the Taskbar
(1 is the left-most app; Windows Key+T cycles through all apps.)
Windows key + (number 1-9)

Cycle through Gadgets
Windows key + G

Rotate a picture clockwise
(Or use comma for counterclockwise)
Control + period

Use Control-click to select the pictures in a folder you need to rotate, then rotate them all at once.

Help Zone to be on FaceBook soon..

Andrew’s Computer Help Zone will also soon be on FaceBook – we’ll let you know when that’s all setup.


IPAD’s are becoming increasingly popular, so to that end, I’ll be offering limited support for those of you that are also interested in utilising the great benefits of these great devices real soon now.

That’s about it for this time.. Hope some of the information has proven useful to you.

Till the next time..


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