Are you sick and tired of being nagged by Microsoft constantly trying to shove the Windows 10 upgrade down your throat, whether you want it or not?

Though the solution has been possible by editing the Windows Registry for quite some time, people have naturally been reluctant to do so as it’s easy to cause damage by messing with those settings.

Fear not, for the solution that takes only seconds is finally here..

Firstly, download the application (no install required) by using the following link;

Once downloaded, run the downloaded file “GWX_control_panel.exe” from your downloads folder

An application will open as per the picture below. Click on the items you want to rid yourself of, highlighted in the red circle..

Once you’ve done that, you’re all done. No more NAG’s from Microsoft to upgrade your system to Windows 10.

I’ve tested this on various machines and found it to be perfectly safe and the process to be totally reversible using the same application if you decide to change your mind later.

Note that unless you have purchased a computer or laptop with Windows 10 already installed, there is no need (and in my opinion, you should in fact avoid) upgrading to Windows 10. It WILL break applications and cause hardware issues most of the time and the transition is rarely smooth going – never mind that it can take 1 to 3 hours for the upgrade to take place.

I hope this eases the frustration of at least a few of you that have asked the question on how to stop Microsoft shoving Windows 10 down your throats.


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