We all hate spam and I’m willing to bet that you hate having to delete it from your e-mail client’s Inbox day after day after day after day! But there’s no need to.

Some recent enquiries about the best way to deal with Spam has prompted me to write this short article to let you know what we use here to combat the ever growing list of spam emails we get on a daily basis.

Here at JPSM and Andrew’s Computer Help Zone, we’ve been using a utility called MailWasher for years.  The earlier versions were great, but now it’s really matured to the point where it’s even more useful!

There are literally tons of Anti-Spam utilities on the market for desktops and we’ve tried most of them.  All have some great features but many are hard to use and often don’t do what they promise to do.  Out of all the products we’ve tried, at time of writing, Mail Washer Pro 2011 is the one we’ve settled on to use and recommend.

Here’s a brief overview of how it works..

MailWasher Pro  is designed to remove spam, viruses and unwanted attachments from your email before they get to your computer. MailWasher Pro connects to your email server then retrieves and displays information about the email waiting for you. Aided by MailWasher’s built-in processing tools, you can then decide what to do with each individual email – download, delete, or bounce it back to the sender.

By checking your messages with MailWasher Pro, you can eliminate the email you don’t want and ensure you only get the email you do want. Then, when you use your email program, it downloads only those messages you actually want to keep.

But it’s not only spam that can cause you problems. If you happen to accidentally open an email with malicious content, then you suddenly get infected and there goes hours of wasted time getting yourself out of trouble.  Take a look at the following page for our recommendations on how to combat spam and protect yourself against harmful emails..

FireTrust Mailwasher Pro 2011 & Benign Email Protection

Trial versions are available.

Till the next time..


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