How to Protect your Backups from Ransomware Infections..

This is quite a sad story from a person who was doing the right thing – backing up his system and files daily and yet when he got hit with Ransomware by opening an attachment in an email, all his files AND backups got encrypted and made useless. He lost everything.

Here’s how it happened.

Chris (not his real name) was using Acronis True Image, an excellent backup program that images his entire drive and computer, backing up everything to his external USB backup drive. The mistake he made however was that he left his backup drive connected to his machine 24/7, while he was using his computer.

So when he got hit with the Ransomware Malware program, all his backups were rendered useless because the infection encrypts every drive and share that his computer had access to. Had he disconnected or turned off his USB drive, his backup data would have been safe and he would have been able to recover without a problem.

Remember, getting infected by any type of virus is not a matter of “if”, but “when” you will be hit with such a problem. You may get away with it for years, but eventually, you’ll slip up through a momentary lapse in concentration and be faced with a mountain of grief.

Some Backup Strategies to protect yourself from this happening to you..

There are two important things to remember (at a minimum) with any backup strategy;

  1. Backup your system and files using a reputable backup program like Acronis True Image or Macrium Reflect. These are two of my favourites that I both use and recommend to all of my clients.
  2. Protect your backups either by uploading them to an online storage service or use a USB Backup Drive that you should only connect when you backup your PC. Once done, disconnect the drive and leave it disconnected while you use your PC. That way, should you get hit with a virus or Malware that is device and network aware, your backups are protected and thus cannot be affected.

Setting up your backup strategy..

Many people get confused setting up a backup strategy. Though companies like Acronis try to make things as simple as possible, there’s always the question of has it been done right, is everything being backed up and so on.


This is where Andrews Computer Help Zone can help you out. We’ll look at your individual circumstances, discuss and determine the best type of backup strategy for your particular needs and help you select one that suits your budget.

We’ll then set the whole thing up for you and explain how everything works.

Don’t get caught out.  Call or email us to discuss your needs.

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