Over the Phone

We can Help – Over the phone Now!
Computer Problems Fixed Instantly

Here at the Computer Help Zone, we know that computer problems for small business owners can be a real pain and a great time waster. Packing the whole thing up and taking it to a computer shop to have the problem fixed isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time and on site calls can be quite expensive, costing well over $100 just to get someone to turn up – plus the cost of the repair!

Trying to fix problems over the phone can often be a daunting task for inexperienced users and more times than not, you end up exactly where you started, no closer to a solution.

Help Zone now offers a “Value Added” Solution to our clients!

Whether it’s a problem with Windows playing up, an unknown virus, printer failures or even a need to be shown how to achieve something you’re having difficulty with, we can help.

With over 20 years of hands on computer repair experience, Andrew will connect to your machine remotely, see your screen exactly as you see it and be able to help you fix whatever problem you’re having, while also chatting with you over the phone.

We use only the latest in remote access technology, which allows us, with your approval, to work our way through your PC to discover and solve whatever problems you are having. It’s perfectly safe and we can only go where you give us access to, so all private files and documents are kept separate from these activities.

While finding the source of your frustration, Andrew will chat with you to explain what he is doing and what he finds as he goes, usually passing on helpful hints you can use later. He will then explain to you what caused the problem, what the fix is and, most importantly, how to prevent it happening again.

Sometimes physical access to your computer’s hardware is necessary in which case, we also offer an on site visit to make a repair. Check our Rates  page for details of our very reasonable “On-Site” repair service fees.

Remote Connect Support Rates

Establish Remote Connection Fee – $120 plus GST per incident – with up to 30 minutes included in the fee.

Cost of the repair itself depends on how long it takes. If we cannot fix the problem within 30 minutes, our normal rates will apply, subject to your approval of any further works.