Paperless Office

Paperless Office The way of the future.

The paperless office concept isn’t a particularly new one, yet one that seems to be slow in taking off. People tend to dislike change by nature, but change is often good however and in the case of this technology, beneficial in many ways when compared to the traditional way of doing things.

Just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy.

Less paper files and documents to misplace, fumble through, file, misfile, mail, store, copy, bin, clean up after, search for and worry about.
Massive savings in time spent handling client files during appointments, mailing and general office procedures.
Much quicker appointments, particularly when you can ‘tab’ back and forth between past information for comparison. Efficiency that will Impress the hell out of your clients.
Less stress and worry around the office about who put what where. Eliminate stress immediately before an appointment about where a clients file is and has everything been filed in it that needed to be.
Positive feelings amongst the team about being up to date with technology and a step ahead of the rest.
Much more available space around the office due to lack of filing cabinets needed, less space required for work in progress etc. Can also lead to savings in rent payments as less space is needed.
Large savings in wages once properly implemented. Since employing this technology, we appear to be, in comparison to others, at least one, if not more, employees less than they need.
Faster and simpler inward and outward mail procedures as there is not only less to handle, but scanning copies of correspondence into client files happens immediately and is basically foolproof.
More accuracy of filing as the person doing the job does the scanning and knows where everything should go, year by year.
Faster information and file retrieval for answering client queries, copies of accounts for the bank etc, as everyone in the office knows where to find things. Files can be attached to emails or sent to electronic fax for sending anywhere at the push of a few buttons – you don’t even need to leave your chair!
Much more orderly filing as each client has a folder for each financial year and it very easy to find information from even 5 years ago. Always a huge problem with paper files.

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Works best with a technologically up to date office. The use of external email, internal email or messaging, clients sending information via fax, disk or email, the use of other software with PDF features allows all relevant information to be saved in the client file instantly. It’s much more than just a saving on paper.

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