What’s it all about?

I’ve sent this type of warning to advise all my valued clients in previous newletters, however recent events that have come to my attention prompted me to remind everyone again.

Telephone Scammers are doing the rounds again and despite these scams having been going around for over a year now, people are STILL getting caught out, either by being fooled into handing over their credit card details, or providing enough information to have their identity stolen and used in a fraudulent manner – don’t be one of them!

How it happens

You get a telephone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, Symantec, Trend Micro, Avast or any number of companies that most Windows users will be aware of.  They are quite convincing and will tell you that your computer has been sending them information that you are infected with a serious virus infection, or that it has developed serious problems and is about to crash so they have called to help you fix it.

They will sound VERY genuine and convincing, will often know your full name and address and maybe even certain personal things about you if you’ve gone and inadvertedly posted and revealed sensitive information about yourself on social sites like Facebook, Twitter and the like.

Despite how genuine they sound however, DO NOT believe them – it will be a scam designed to either gather enough information to make you a victim of identity theft, or to trick you into handing over your credit card details in order to “fix” whatever problem they’re claiming your computer has.

Do yourself a favour and take the time to read the following links;



To read even more detailed information and warnings, just enter something like Microsoft Phone Scams OR Australia Telephone Scams into Google’s search engine to get a ton of links warning about these scammers.

In a Nutshell

Microsoft will NEVER phone you to tell you that you have any sort of problem with your computer – remember that among the millions of their users, in the scheme of things, you are no more to them than a grain of sand on the largest beach in the world.

The same goes for any other large reputable company, be it an Antivirus or any other well known security software manufacturer.  The sad fact of the matter is, when dealing with large companies, you’d be darn lucky to get a call back from them even if you call them first for support, without paying for it up front.

So please be warned and spread the word.

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