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RoBoForm is an excellent password manager I purchased and have used for several years now.
I use it not just on my computer(s), but also on my IPAD and IPhone.
It stores ALL login details, Online Banking, Pay-TV site, Internet Provider(s), Domain Logins, Apple ID & a variety of Web Site Login Details, along with a whole host of other personal information..

At last count, I have over 160 of various Login Details and Personal Info entrusted to RoboForm

Naturally I wanted to be certain it was safe before I entrusted all of my personal information to it.

So.. I tested its security by trying hacking tools to crack it’s protection myself, (unsuccessfully), but I’m no experienced hacker, so I also researched and read many independent reports about how secure it really is.

RoboForm does a whole lot more than just remember passwords for you. If can fill in Web Forms for you automatically, generate strong random passwords for you, provides free online and secure backups of all your information (and not even the RoboForm Web Site can access your information unless you tell them your Master Password), uses STRONG AES 256 Encryption to protect your information and a whole lot more.

No doubt everyone has heard it’s a bad idea to use the same password on every web site you visit, like your Bank or other financial institution and other business or personal related sites that you subscribe to that require login information. Worse, using short and easy to use passwords that can be easily cracked and often resulting in your login information being compromised. This is where RoboForm really shines.

How would you like to be able to use different passwords like “K5#*&^!xz)35#@-053stl@%1” and not have to remember them? A password like that would take years for a hacker to crack, yet with this brilliant piece of software, you can use different passwords like that for every site you visit and never need to worry about remembering them.

You only need to remember ONE “master password” – make it a difficult one to guess or crack and commit it to memory – RoboForm will do the rest.

If your computer crashes, no problem, you retrieve all your Login and Password information from RoboForm’s Secure Website to your new computer in minutes and you’re good to go again. It’s that simple and so affordable, that no one should be without it.

Here’s a small blurb from the Author’s Website.. “It’s now easier than ever to login to your favorite websites and applications. RoboForm makes the process effortless by automatically saving, then entering your usernames and passwords. Simply click and login-similar to a browser bookmark! You’ll never need to remember or type another password again.”

Setting up your FREE Trial is a Breeze!

Purchasing more than one license to protect multiple computer reduces the cost even more!

Click this link, save the setup file downloaded to a temporary folder or desktop on your computer. Run it and follow the prompts.

Setup is fairly self explanatory and once done, you can immediately begin your FREE trial.

It’s that easy.. yet if for some reason you find the process confusing, Contact Us and (with your permission) we’ll log into your machine remotely, help you set up and have you up and going in about 10 or 15 minutes.


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