Security Week Network (among others) have reported a serious security breach in Epsilon’s customer database, resulting in many names and email addresses of major brand vendors and financial institutions possibly being compromised.  Epsilon is one of many marketing firms that large sized companies use to handle their general broadcast email communication needs with customers.

Asscording to SecurityWeek’s broadcast, a few Australian used companies that have been confirmed as affected by this breach  include, but are not limited to;

Best Buy
Capital One
Dell Australia

..among many others. Look here for a more detailed list.

Getting a list of confirmed good email addresses is a windfall for scammers so a whole new round of phishing emails claiming problems with your login accounts at your financial instutions or various other websites which require a username and password should be expected real soon.

Protecting yourself from this type of scam is actually quite easy. Just make a habit of not (or at least thinking twice about) clicking or using links provided inside emails unless you are certain that the email has come from a trusted source. Don’t be fooled by the look alone – phishing emails are designed to look as genuine as possible. Rather, open up your web browser, type in the address manually or use a “Favorites” shortcut that you saved yourself.

Any email claiming there is a “problem with your account” or that your “details need to be verified” should always be treated with suspicion. Be wary..

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