Recommended Security and Backup Solutions

Andrew’s Computer Help Zone constantly trials a variety of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware,
Anti-Spam, Backup and other Security Solutions on a regular basis, as well as follow independent reports about what the best solutions are.. 

The links to the solutions that we recommend on this page are proven and tested by us as reliable, low on system resources and rate highly on Independent Testing Site scores. We suggest you consider these solutions the next time your Antivirus and other security solutions are up for renewal, or if you simply want a better one that what you’re using now.

Note: This page is frequently updated, so keep checking back on a regular basis.

Avast! Antivirus Solutions always score highly in Independent Virus / Malware Laboratory tests..

VIPRE Internet Security 2014 is what we use to protect many of the workstations here at our office and find it an excellent Antivirus that does not slow down your machine.

For more information on this solution, simply click the graphic of the box above or HERE

Password and Personal Information Manager

RoboForm Desktop 7 allows you to remember only ONE strong master password and have the ability to generate STRONG and virtually un-guessable passwords on every site you need to log into, such as your Online Bank, FaceBook and just about any web site that requires login information.  That and a whole lot more!  Click the grapic above to find out more..

Highly Recommended

Additional Security Software

This is a “Must Have” for any Windows Computer!

MalwareBytes Professional catches “many” nasties on the web that Anti Virus applications often miss.

For a one time fee of $25.95 AUD, (no yearly renewal fees and updated daily) there is no excuse for anyone NOT to have this application installed.

It works perfectly well along side most Anti Virus applications.

Click HERE or the graphic above for additional information on MalwareBytes and how to obtain your own life time legal copy!

Highly Recommended Workstation E-Mail

We’ve been using Mailwasher Professional for many years here now and find it an “excellent” anti-spam tool that allows YOU to have full control over what is and what is not spam.  It stops spam from coming to your computer and also offers additional virus protection while your email is still sitting on your Mail Server.

Plenty of information on how it works can be obtained by clicking HERE or the graphic above.  A 30 day FREE trial is available so you can check it out to see if it meets your needs before purchasing for a very reasonable fee.

Highly Recommended Backup Solution

Acronis True Image 2016 (for Laptops and Workstations alike) is a highly reliable backup solution that has saved our hide many times over the last few years we have been using it. In our opinion, it is better than most alternatives and offers not only backups of your “data”, but of your ENTIRE computer setup, including Windows, your Programs and Settings – everything!

Feature packed, easy to use and VERY Reasonably priced, we strongly recommend that you give this solution a try.

Simply click HERE or the Graphic Above for more information about this (and similar versions for Servers etc) – Remember Murphies Law – it’s when you don’t backup that disaster will strike.

Acronis Backup Solutions will help get you out of trouble when disaster does occur and support is great too.