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Several ways to protect your Business from Malware Attacks

Ransomware continues to be a growing problem for both personal and business users alike and Antivirus companies are still struggling to find a reliable way to protect you from this dangerous threat. Sure, just about every Anti-Virus program available will identify a Ransomware infection once it happens, but by then, the damage has been done so it’s too late. Currently, Antivirus

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Australian Client SCAMMED for $7,000.00 – True life story!

I’ve written before about what to watch for with regards to scams and phishing attempts in email and also about cold call Telephone scams. The latter is what caught “Peter” (not his/her real name) out and ultimately cost him $7,000 – virtually unrecoverable due to the circumstances. Read on for a timeline of exactly how it happened. This story has

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