Create Professional Looking Email Signatures with ease..

Anyone who’s tried to create a professional looking email signature that includes graphics will know what a pain in the proverbial it can be!

Your graphics often won’t line up where you want them to, or your emails won’t print correctly, or your Signature won’t display properly on your recipients email client, or .. (you get the idea)

You can literally spend hours fiddling around trying to make a professional looking email signature work right.

I’ve discovered and tested an online service where Signature creation is both intuative and an absolute breeze to use.

They go to a lot of trouble to test their many templates with multiple email clients to ensure that any signatures you create will display as you intended.

It’s called Email Signature Rescue and has a ton of easy to use features!

The fee to use their service is $48.00 + GST per year and should you decide you don’t like it, you can cancel anytime and are guaranteed a full refund if you cancel within 7 days of signing up.

You even get to keep the signatures you may have created and downloaded during your 7 day grace period.

So if you want to easily create professional looking email signatures for yourself, give this service a try.

I’m using it myself now and I can highly recommend it.

A great Skype feature you may not know about..

If you have clients or friends that tend to call you multiple times a day and would prefer to answer their queries via a quick Instant Text Message, then consider making use of the Skype IM Chat feature.

Clients can send you an Instant Chat Message that you can answer right away, (once you add them to your Skype address book) or just answer when you have the time, rather than have your work day constantly interrupted by phone calls.

A couple of examples of how this can be done are given below.

The first is to request you be added to my Skype contact list.

The second is to send me an instant Skype Chat message.

(You may need to have Skype installed on your computer for these to work)

Feel free to give them a try..

Neat right?

These can be added as graphics in your Email Signature, hyperlinked to your own Skype username like the sample ones below..

Here’s a list of button functions you may find helpful.

Example Sky Links and Icons

Just remember to change “skypename” to your skype account name when adding these codes to your email signature or website.

  • Add: allows people to request you to add them to your Skype contact list
  • Call: is similar to the Chat function, except it initiates a call to your Skype
  • Chat: sends an Instant Message to your Skype Account – per my example above
  • Voicemail: initiates a voice mail message to your Skype if you have that feature enabled
  • Send File: allows a person to send you a file directly through Skype if you allow it
  • User info: will display the information you’ve made publically available in Skype to them

A bit of Skype and Outlook configuration is required to make some of these work, but there’s plenty of help available on the Skype and Microsoft websites to get you started.

If you find this all too confusing though, Contact Me and I’ll remotely help set you up for an agreed fee.

I hope you enjoyed these “Tips & Tricks” and got some value out of them.

Till the next time…

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