Updated Monday, February 25th 2013..

I wrote about this topic a few months ago, but as I just saved another client from a potentially expensive time wasting experience because they called to ask if upgrading to Windows 8 would cause them any problems, I think it’s worth repeating.

To date, I’ve have formatted Windows 8 out for 2 people who decided to  downgrade .. erm.. “upgrade” *cough* to Windows 8 so far and then re-installed Windows XP and Windows 7 for them, because Windows 8 turned out to be so time wasting that it proved itself unusable in their work environment.

As mentioned in my previous mailout and blog on this topic, in my opinion, Windows 8 is NOT suitable, or even close to being ready for deployment in a business environment.

My own testing of the operating system has shown it to be buggy and having problems with many software and web based applications. Hardware drivers can be nightmare, connectivity problems to existing servers, WiFi issues.. I could write several pages detailing the problems I encountered, but all you need do is use a search engine to read what thousands of people have already written that mirror my own experiences.

I can only repeat what I said before, unless you’re prepared to spend a LOT of time trouble shooting, then I do not recommend anyone upgrade or Install Windows 8 to any Work or Mission Critical computer.

It is a totally different user experience to previous versions of Windows.  If you have a lot of spare time and a computer that you just want to try it out on for yourself, then by all means give it a try – It’s default interface is kind of fun and Microsoft have priced it cheaper than any other previous version of Windows released, presumably to encourage purchases and upgrades.

That said however, be warned that you’re likely to join the many thousands of users (just do a search for a term like Problems with Windows 8) with Google or your favourite search engine to get an idea of what you might be letting yourself in for.

I love new technology and enjoy trying new things, yet in my opinion, Windows 8 (in its current form) has to be the biggest disaster Microsoft has released on the world since the very first release of Windows – and I’ve used them all. The very few improvements that do come with it don’t even come close to justifying the frustration associated with just getting down to business and using it.

For the record, Andrew’s Computer Help Zone now offers only “very limited” support for Windows 8 at this time.

The advice I personally give to frustrated business users who have called or written with their tales of woe is to format the thing out and re-install Windows XP or Windows 7, depending on which stable and workable version of Windows they had before. The only certain way of re-gaining the productivity they enjoyed before falling for the trap of trying to use it in their business environment..

I’ve personally installed and deleted it from two modern test boxes with various “Windows 8 compatible” hardware configurations here at least a dozen times already so I think I’ve given it a fair go. Not once did I not strike serious issues when trying to use the thing under normal day to day operations.

I continue to keep an eye on it with a computer I’ve now dedicated to the Windows 8 Professional operating system, watching out for changes / improvements Microsoft will hopefully make. I’m not holding my breath for any major improvements any time soon.  Only time will tell.

Fair warning folks.

Anyone wanting more detailed information on my own experimentation with Windows 8, feel free to contact me.

Till the next time..

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